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Since 2016 singer, songwriter and musician Amy Jones has been hard at work and entirely invested in honing her God-given gift to make the world a lighter and brighter place, all through the power of music.

Fast forward six years and multiple chart-topping singles later, Amy is on the precipice of urban pop success on a global scale.

But let’s dial it back a notch for context. Anything but an overnight phenomenon, Amy’s love and passion, power and life-affecting lyrics, married with infectious melodies, began when she first picked up and taught herself to play the guitar at the age of 14.

A few years later, 2013 to be exact, she took the bold step of entering the IDOLS-SA television competition. Based on the fantastic feedback and support she received there, that confirmation saw her further invest in her ability to become a respected independent artist in her own right.

It wasn’t until she met her manager, Lee Willcock, from Jirah Productions in 2016, that her career took a massive step in the right direction. “Since then, right up until today, having Lee in my corner has helped cement a path I am delighted to walk,” Amy declares.

“We sat down and plotted my goals, from getting my music on the radio, being on television and establishing myself as a talent pop artist worthy of it all,” she recalls. In 2022, Amy not only achieved that, but she also excelled above and beyond her original intent.

Local and national radio loved her debut 2016 single, “Sunrise”, produced by Cosher Studios, and since then continues to support for her music continued to grow with the release of her second single, “Burn”, released in early 2017, and the Ameen Harron produced, “Forget the Day” next dropped in October of that year. “

What Amy has done, right from the very beginning, is remain authentic and humble to the many fans she continues to attract, be they followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The growing numbers of likes, shares and followers speak volumes about how much she and her music are loved. With her socials constantly abuzz, she looks to connect with the people who feed her ambition.

Often only armed with an acoustic guitar and a voice able to disarm anyone looking to be inspired and entertained, Amy’s songs continue to be amplified by her unwavering commitment and professionalism seldom seen and heard in the music industry today. “People seem to appreciate my lyrics within my melodies,” she shares. “I write positive, upbeat songs because I want anyone listening to feel good while and after it has played. I want each song I write to leave the listener happier and more inspired for having taken the time to enjoy it.”

No opportunity to perform live is wasted between touring and accepting unique invitations from the likes of the President or even a humble pub.

By July 2018, Amy was ready with her fourth hit single, “You and Me”, which was borne out of a surprising yet inspiring EDM collaboration with Cinimin (Kyle and Austin) and released through Sony Music.

Never one to shy away from learning from her peers and always making room for more personalities to play together, Amy quickly learned that no one style of music would be off-limits if her vocal and lyrical abilities were a pitch-perfect match.

As each new song has landed since 2016, Amy has been able to support and anchor herself as a force to be reckoned with. With more doors opening as radio rotation spun into hyperdrive, her focus on going above and beyond what came before continues to this day.

In November 2018, Amy released “Get a Little”, created and written at an active music songwriting camp hosted at Cosher Studios. The track simply blew up, produced and mixed by Kyle Petersen and Mick Evans at Melpro Studios.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Amy championed on. Aside from her solo shows around the Western Cape, Amy has been invited to perform with many highly established South African artists. From Matthew Gold to Vicky Samson, Francois van Coke to Jo Black, and the “GHFM United Hope Initiative” – where she shared the stage with Kyle Deutsch, Dominic Neil, and New Hero – Amy shone.

With the year 2020 and the challenges of COVID, all performances and travel came to a sudden halt. Amy, however, released her sixth single, “Dance on My Own”, produced by Gauteng-based Wrlcls, which charted on various stations and at the Number One spot on Heart FM for an impressive five weeks.

And yet, with typical tenacity, Amy flew north to Lusaka, Zambia, at an annual festival of over 3000 people and revealed her best before the hard lockdown.

Never one to walk away from a challenge, Amy welcomed her musical inclusion, “Dance on my Own”, to the Netflix original series, Jiva, that is still available to stream, and yet another opportunity revealed itself.

With 2022 in full flight, Amy is flying beyond her brand-new single, “Waiting for Me”, and taking it to the world.

Next is Amy’s UK debut when she performs at the 2022 Shrewsbury Flower Show in August 2022, further elevating her talent and career to new international heights of possibility.

After that? Yes, there’s another soon-to-be classic track waiting in the wings; and with it, even greater proof that she’s a legitimate talent worthy of being heard.