Jirah Productions was established in May 2016. It came about when Lee Willcock took upon himself to start a production company called Jirah Productions as the management company for Amy Jones.

Jirah meaning “the Lord is our provider”, was chosen as the company name as it was solely on God that both Amy and Lee laid their trust. Since registering the company provision has been endless and they have witnessed breakthrough in areas seen as the impossible to man, and yet so much has come to pass.

Our mission statement is to “Dream with a purpose” and it is what we live by and Amy Jones is doing just that.

Jirah productions is a registered company with SAMRO as is Amy Jones as an SA singer song writer. Jirah productions and Amy are also under the publishing of Mr John Fishlock and are currently working with SA’s top producers.



Since 2016 singer, songwriter and musician Amy Jones has been hard at work and entirely invested in honing her God-given gift to make the world a lighter and brighter place, all through the power of music.

Fast forward six years and multiple chart-topping singles later, Amy is on the precipice of urban pop success on a global scale.

But let’s dial it back a notch for context. Anything but an overnight phenomenon, Amy’s love and passion, power and life-affecting lyrics, married with infectious melodies, began when she first picked up and taught herself to play the guitar at the age of 14.

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